I Still Jack Off to my Ex-Girlfriend’s Pictures

My ex-girlfriend got married this past weekend. She’s still a smokeshow. We broke up back in December 2010 and I still jack off to her pictures.

Here’s the kicker: she’s a liar and a cheater. She described herself as “crazy” by the end of our relationship. The guy she married? She cheated on him, with me, going behind his back merely three days into their relationship. That was, of course, way back in September 2011. He likely has no idea that she did that. When I confronted her in January 2014 about how she should spill the beans to him about her cheating ways, she became defensive and told me that it’s none of my business. Stupid bitch. Stupid… hot ass… bitch.

I should also not forget to mention that she had a bastard child (daughter) with the dude back in January 2013.

Despite how crazy my ex is, I’d still love to fuck her. She was hotter while we were together, though. Of course, I’m biased saying that. C’est la vie.