I Love Jacking Off to the Whores on Tumblr

I love Tumblr.

I detest the radical feminists, preachy vegans, dumbass 420omgsmokeweederrdayherpderp crowd and the social justice warriors “all white people are worthless privileged devils” group.

But damn, go and search “my butt”, “my ass” and “my booty” in the search (turn off safe search) and enjoy.

You’ll encounter men showing off their rears in the searches, which you may or may not care for. Either way, it’s fine. I don’t care for it.

But all the women. My god. It blows my mind how many women are willing to freely show off their asses — publicly — on Tumblr for the entire world to see. Some of them even show off their assholes.

I feel the same about Reddit’s NSFW subreddits. Albeit on Reddit they must be verified, etc. But still.

I’m not complaining. I love Tumblr and Reddit for those reasons, but man oh man. I’ve came so hard to some of the women on Tumblr. Reddit, too, but Tumblr especially. It sucks when some of them delete their Tumblrs, but I’ve spilled so many loads to some of those babes that produce those big booty posts.

This one woman — she’s 31 years old — I saw her on Yahoo! Answers back in 2012. I thought she was hot. She had a link to some social media (not Facebook or anything) back then on her profile. A couple of years later I typed her username into Google and encountered her Tumblr. Started following. Over the last year or two, she started posting pictures of her rack and ass. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Thousands of loads spilled to her. Thanks.


How I Increased My Sex Drive (Fast) in One Month!

I already had a fairly high sex drive, but I modified my diet this past month in order to attempt to increase my free testosterone and lower SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). I didn’t have any blood tests, but anecdotally I can say I’ve felt a massive increase in my horniness. Placebo, you say? I doubt it, because this has been continuous.

This is what I’ve been consuming on a daily basis:

~~ At least 4 or 5 eggs daily, or almost daily.
~~ Real butter
~~ Coconut oil
~~ Avocados
~~ 1 or 2 onions daily
~~ 1 or 2 Habanero peppers daily
~~ Fruit
~~ Spinach
~~ Potatoes

In conclusion: high dietary fat from saturated fat and monounsaturated fat sources, fruits and vegetables, carbs. Don’t neglect carbs.

I’m turning 25-years-old in September, and I feel as horny as I did when I was a teenager. I think some of the food is boosting my nitric oxide levels, like the onions, spinach and possibly the pomegranate. Coconut oil and avocados are said to have mild effects on increasing SHBG levels, but… they are so damn healthy that I don’t care. Coconut oil is pro-thyroid and pro-testosterone, and avocados are loaded with nutrients left and right.

I’m constantly thinking about sex, even more than before. I’m perverted. I was relaxing on my porch earlier, when my 51-year-old aunt came over. She was wearing a pink top, and when she bent over to sit down, I got a full view of her big titties; I felt my dick twitch and begin to throb, just because my mind immediately drifted off into thinking about how good it would feel to get my dick between those big tits. I’m not even a tits guy, but damn. Yeah, she’s my aunt. “Sick”? Yeah. I’d never attempt anything. I just got heavily turned on when I saw her fatass tits. Quite frankly, she can get skeeted on. I’m just using those fucked up and depraved example. Before, I wouldn’t have gotten so turned on by just a slight glimpse.

Obviously I’ve been active, too. I’m walking a lot every day and I manage a big garden. I’ve been out in the sun daily (pollen allergies be damned…). I do pushups daily, and I enjoy shooting basketball in my driveway. If you are fat, you’ll have to become more lean to experience these effects, since being overweight is pro-estrogen.

If you have any questions, ask away.

If you want to chastise me for getting hard because I want to tittyfuck my aunt, go fuck yourself. I’m just being open and candid with my perverted thoughts. It’s strictly a fantasy that will stay private in my life. I’d love to know your fantasies or the skeletons in your closet if you want to judge something as mild as mine.

Porn and Jacking Off is a Waste of Time

Porn is a waste of time, jacking off is a waste of time, watching television is a waste of time, playing video games is a waste of time.

Writing this blog is a waste of time.

You can spin this kind of mentality on practically anything and everything, and the honest fucking truth is that, if you aren’t working towards your goals then you are wasting your time.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Fuck video games.

Fuck porn.

Fuck TV.

Chin up and go to fucking work.

I Still Jack Off to my Ex-Girlfriend’s Pictures

My ex-girlfriend got married this past weekend. She’s still a smokeshow. We broke up back in December 2010 and I still jack off to her pictures.

Here’s the kicker: she’s a liar and a cheater. She described herself as “crazy” by the end of our relationship. The guy she married? She cheated on him, with me, going behind his back merely three days into their relationship. That was, of course, way back in September 2011. He likely has no idea that she did that. When I confronted her in January 2014 about how she should spill the beans to him about her cheating ways, she became defensive and told me that it’s none of my business. Stupid bitch. Stupid… hot ass… bitch.

I should also not forget to mention that she had a bastard child (daughter) with the dude back in January 2013.

Despite how crazy my ex is, I’d still love to fuck her. She was hotter while we were together, though. Of course, I’m biased saying that. C’est la vie.

how to tell if a girl likes anal sex

years ago, my best friend and i used to play an immature game where we’d be out and about in public and see different girls. whenever we’d spot a girl that happened to be smiling, we would opine our thoughts about whether or not she avidly took it in the pooper or not.

the game was fun. the teenage years were fun. the game hasn’t been played since about 2007 or 2008, but that doesn’t mean i can’t delineate my juvenile humor here.

you can tell if a girl likes anal sex or not by her smile. it’s usually the widemouthed smile that simply says (without really saying) “i love it in the ass!” it’s hard to explain, really, until you see a girl sporting the smile. when you see a girl rocking the said smile, shitloads of neurons will fire off inside your mind registering the idea that the said girl loves being railed in the caboose.

this is alex. i dated her for two years, and we regularly had anal sex.

as the caption details, that’s alex, and our relationship was tremendous. see her smile? that’s an “anal loving” smile. ignore her outfit (don’t know what in the hell that is). eight months into the relationship, we had anal sex for the first time, and it became a regular routine in our sex life. circumstances went from me initiating to her literally begging for anal because clit stimulation during anal got her off easily. too easily, in fact.

this is grace. she has 'the smile', too.

the girl above is grace. i had a fling with her during the summer of 2011. because it was the summer and it entailed a lot of heat, there was plenty of sweaty sex. don’t let her ‘graceful’ (no pun intended) appearance fool you. she’s a country girl at heart. we were spooning in bed one night, and she knew my phallus was hard against her butt, and she generously asked me if i wanted to fuck her in the ass. being considerate, i obliged. this became a regular routine in our relationship.

grace wading in the river (told you she was a country girl) while donning her "i love taking it in the butt" smile... oh, yeah, and her delectable rack.

i like grace. we still keep in contact. she’s turning 19 in a month, and is in college. she models on the side. i can see why.

this is the ULTIMATE 'i love being pounded in the ass' smile for a girl. a true telltale sign.

the girl above, with her smile (that sexy grin), she loved anal sex. she was obsessed with anal sex. i’ve never, ever met a girl like her or known a girl like her to be obsessed with anal sex like she was. she literally could not get off without anal stimulation. each and every time we had sex, i was always doing something with her asshole, and she loved it. during anal sex, she’d get revved up, moaning and screaming loudly, saying things like “fuck my anus, baby!” or “fuck my shithole!”… or the ultimate, “fuck me in the pooper, baby!” out of all the girls i’ve dated, she had the absolute best hygiene. she sweated a lot, though. she would often shower in the morning, go to the gym for a couple of hours, then come home and i’d fuck her in the ass. the smell of her ass after she’d return from the gym turned me on more than anything. it was a sweet, salty musky odor, NOT a bad one… she always smelled good… and she loved it in the ass. just see that smile of hers.