How I Increased My Sex Drive (Fast) in One Month!

I already had a fairly high sex drive, but I modified my diet this past month in order to attempt to increase my free testosterone and lower SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). I didn’t have any blood tests, but anecdotally I can say I’ve felt a massive increase in my horniness. Placebo, you say? I doubt it, because this has been continuous.

This is what I’ve been consuming on a daily basis:

~~ At least 4 or 5 eggs daily, or almost daily.
~~ Real butter
~~ Coconut oil
~~ Avocados
~~ 1 or 2 onions daily
~~ 1 or 2 Habanero peppers daily
~~ Fruit
~~ Spinach
~~ Potatoes

In conclusion: high dietary fat from saturated fat and monounsaturated fat sources, fruits and vegetables, carbs. Don’t neglect carbs.

I’m turning 25-years-old in September, and I feel as horny as I did when I was a teenager. I think some of the food is boosting my nitric oxide levels, like the onions, spinach and possibly the pomegranate. Coconut oil and avocados are said to have mild effects on increasing SHBG levels, but… they are so damn healthy that I don’t care. Coconut oil is pro-thyroid and pro-testosterone, and avocados are loaded with nutrients left and right.

I’m constantly thinking about sex, even more than before. I’m perverted. I was relaxing on my porch earlier, when my 51-year-old aunt came over. She was wearing a pink top, and when she bent over to sit down, I got a full view of her big titties; I felt my dick twitch and begin to throb, just because my mind immediately drifted off into thinking about how good it would feel to get my dick between those big tits. I’m not even a tits guy, but damn. Yeah, she’s my aunt. “Sick”? Yeah. I’d never attempt anything. I just got heavily turned on when I saw her fatass tits. Quite frankly, she can get skeeted on. I’m just using those fucked up and depraved example. Before, I wouldn’t have gotten so turned on by just a slight glimpse.

Obviously I’ve been active, too. I’m walking a lot every day and I manage a big garden. I’ve been out in the sun daily (pollen allergies be damned…). I do pushups daily, and I enjoy shooting basketball in my driveway. If you are fat, you’ll have to become more lean to experience these effects, since being overweight is pro-estrogen.

If you have any questions, ask away.

If you want to chastise me for getting hard because I want to tittyfuck my aunt, go fuck yourself. I’m just being open and candid with my perverted thoughts. It’s strictly a fantasy that will stay private in my life. I’d love to know your fantasies or the skeletons in your closet if you want to judge something as mild as mine.


muscle pharm’s battle fuel xt

so, i got my two bottles of muscle pharm’s battle fuel xt in. it’s what’s self-called an “advanced 4 stage testosterone system” and sponsored by the ufc. badass marketing to say the least. muscle pharm is a supplement company that’s one of the better, more heralded ones out there. at least when it comes to marketing themselves. they are great at getting the words out, and the bottles are beautiful, even though the pills smell like shit.

so, it’s basically a little testosterone booster. i doubt it will do much. i’m 225 pounds at the height of 6’2″-6’3″. i’d like to get stronger and build muscle, but that would occur by getting off my ass, lifting heavy, eating enough protein and getting some sleep. not by some pill. and i certainly don’t need this supplement for more frequent boners since sometimes i find myself horny enough to get off 4-5 times a day.

but i got a couple of bottles anyway along with muscle pharm’s shred matrix which is a stimulant/thermogenic weight loss supplement. i’ll be stacking them together.

in doing so (stacking them together), i’ll write about my thoughts while on here. as if anybody will read. i had my blog marked as private for over a year and i’m just now returning. not on a clean slate either. i have a lot of posts still up from before, ones that would freak people out.

on an off-topic note, i can’t wait for benson henderson and anthony “showtime” pettis to fight at ufc 164 on the 31st of this month. will probably be a dud.