VPX Sports BANG is the Best Energy Drink in the World

MusclePharm released a shitty energy drink four months ago. A measly 120mg of caffeine, the shitty cheap version of vitamin b12 (cyanocobalamin) and nothing to show for it with a shitty overpriced tag. Go fuck yourself, MusclePharm.

VPX Bang energy drink kicks ass. Jack Owoc is an all-star. Love that man (in the most heterosexual way possible). 300mg of caffeine, patented high quality creatine, glutamine-peptide and the most bioavailable version of vitamin b12 (methylcobalamin). What a hell of a formula.

I just busted out a few sets of hammer curls earlier this morning along with some pushups. I’ve got a pretty good pump going on. I’ve been out in the sun listening to the latest The Fighter and the Kid podcast and I’m in a pretty kickass mood.