I Miss 2007-2008 WordPress

The first time I made a WordPress blog was in the fall of 2006. I was a sophomore in high school and wanted to be a sportswriter. It was a beautiful time for WordPress, because in the year 2007 there was a huge blogging boom. This was before Facebook and Twitter took over the social media universe.

You see, nowadays, when somebody has a hot take they go to Twitter and use their 140 little characters to sout some tiny hot take.

But back in 2007 and 2008, people blogged, and a lot of people said “fuck you” to Blogspot/Blogger and came to WordPress for more optimal control (stats pages and universal tags).

That was an amazing time. I met a lot of awesome people. We had good times blogging about sports, sharing opinions and ideas, laughing, etc.

Everything started changing in 2010 and 2011. More than anything, 2012, because by 2013 WordPress changed the tags pages and made them a little more sore to look at for the eyes (when the old tag pages had a perfect layout). Then WordPress fucked around with the dashboard and stats pages, making the dashboard annoying to get to. But the big thing they fucked up with the tags pages is linking to websites that were simply news sites and not WordPress blogs.

It is what it is, though.

I’m just feeling nostalgic about the good old days of WordPress. I miss them. I miss the old tag pages. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Unfortunately, the folks behind the WordPress software are constantly fucking around with shit that doesn’t need to be tinkered with.